This is a fat cat

There are only so many ways to tell someone you're a fan of theirs before they try to kill you. That's fine, but you don't have to put up with it. Learn more...


They're cute. No doot aboot. Woot--aahooh shoot! Now, go play 'dat flute, you f'ing fruit! SHOOT!!....


...They smell--often terribly so. But oh well. It's all good in the hood.
to honky by donkey. We are a cheese based hamburger health warehouse offering cutting, wrapping, injection moulded beef, and saussage packaging services. OUr mission is to have you walking out of the door with a big smile on your face in the most ostensible, reasonable manner, so you can enjoy the food you want with you family.

Services offered



The workhorse of this clinic and the entire reason you're here--let's not kid ourselves XD Click to learn more.

coffee board and sao caos with more marmalade

Toast is best when slathered with a gargantuan amount of beetle juice!