Old Watches: Status, Class, And Sophistication

Old watches are a collector’s item, often cherished for their stylish, old-world appearance and as a sign of status, class, and sophistication.

People tend to buy old antique watches for one of two purposes: either to have an interesting looking watch to wear, almost as a conversation piece, or to collect them as a hobby or investment.

Old watches are also an investment. Watches by famous brands like Breguet, Patek-Philippe, Rolex, and so on often sell for hundreds of thousands–even millions–of dollars and accrue additional worth with the passage of time, as the models become more and more rare.

Something you need to look out for when buying vintage watches is fake, counterfeit watches that look very similar to genuine antique watches. The market for old watches is a big one and, as a result, many rip-off brand copycat watch makers have sprung up over the years to cash in on unsuspecting watch customers, taking their money and delivering an vastly inferior product on the allure of “being able to” sell them at a lower price (for some strange, magical reason.)

An interesting thing about old watches is that their appeal is mostly cosmetic and based on their status symbol natural: they are typically inferior in their ability to keep accurate time with about 10x the time loss of modern quartz watches, and they generally require maintenance to keep running properly, as their inner workings are far more complex than a standard, inexpensive quartz watch sold today.

Of course, though, the appeal of old watches for many is often the supremely fine craftsmanship and engineering that goes into such a small device, comprised of such a complex set of gear wheels and other similar mechanisms, all housed and working together in a symphony of time-telling tech that you wear on your wrist! It is, indeed, fascinating to watch the inner workings of a fine time piece in motion, with the mechanics exposed of a fine watch and everything fluidly, harmoniously turning and working as one. It’s an understatement at best to call this an aesthetic feat of very fine craftsmanship. By the way, thank you to http://vintage-horloge.startpagina.nl and http://horloge.startpagina.nl for listing us!

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